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Global Compact Reconciliation Table

The ten principles

2016 Sustainability Report



Human Rights


Principles 1, 2 - Businesses are required to promote and respect human rights universally recognised under the scope of the respective spheres of influence and to ensure they are not even indirectly complicit in the abuse of human rights.

  • Snam operates in the reference framework of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization Fundamental Conventions and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the principles sanctioned by the United Nations Global Compact (principles sanctioned by its code of ethics).

Corporate Governance and conducting business

  • Snam promotes sustainability and business ethics in the supply chain and conducts checks on human rights and workplace safety at suppliers and sub-contractors.

The supply chain

  • Snam protects health and safety at work through training, awareness raising and information initiatives.

Development of skills and professionalism
Remuneration policies and systems




Principles 3, 4, 5, 6 - Businesses are required to support the freedom of association of employees and to recognise the right to collective agreements; the elimination of all forms of forced labour is mandatory; the effective elimination of child labour; the elimination of any form of discrimination with regard to occupation and profession.

  • Snam respects everyone’s dignity and offers equal opportunities for all stages and aspects of the employment relationship, avoiding any form of discrimination that could be a result of gender, age, health, nationality, political opinions or religious persuasion.


  • Snam applies the Energy and Oil contract and guarantees trade union rights for all workers.

Industrial relations

  • Snam conducts regular surveys to improve relations between the company and employees

Living in a culture of change

  • Snam develops initiatives to reconcile the work/life balance

Corporate welfare and a healthy work/life balance




Principles 7, 8, 9 - Businesses are required to take a preventive approach with regard to environmental challenges; to undertake initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility; and to encourage the development and the dissemination of technologies that respect the environment.

  • Snam develops projects to reinforce its operating excellence and to help with containing greenhouse gas emissions.

New uses of gas
Innovation and climate change

  • Protecting the environment and biodiversity are an integral part of the definition of corporate policies and investment decisions for all of Snam’s activities

The protection of biodiversity

  • All of Snam’s activities are overseen by certified environmental management systems (ISO 14001).

Management system in conducting business
Land and Environment

  • Snam carries out specific energy management and CO2 saving activities

Innovation and climate change




Principle 10 - Businesses should be committed to opposing corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

  • Snam disseminates ethical principles and business values

Corporate Governance and conducting business
The commitment to fighting corruption and illegality

  • Snam works with Transparency International on anti-corruption and governance

The commitment to fighting corruption and illegality

  • Snam provides training on legality and anti-corruption issues

The commitment to fighting corruption and illegality

  • Snam carries out reputational checks at suppliers and sub-contractors Support with Sustainable Development Goals

Reputational checks on suppliers

Support to Sustainable Development Objectives

Snam is also committed to helping with the sustainable development of the economy and society of the future with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the U.N.: specifically, it is actively involved in goals 7, 9 and 13.

Snam’s contribution to sustainable development
New uses of gas
Energy Union: an opportunity
Gas routes and energy security
Snam and the national gas infrastructure
Innovation and climate change

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