Code of Ethics

At its meeting of 1 December 2001, the board of directors of Snam Rete Gas S.p.A adopted the Code of Conduct of Eni S.p.A., considering it important to adopt the set of values that the company recognises, accepts and endorses and the obligations it assumes towards its stakeholders. A Code of Conduct watchdog and committee were also set up to oversee the implementation of the Code.

On 27 June 2008, the board of directors approved the new Code of Ethics which incorporates the latest guidelines on corporate ethics and sustainability. It also appointed the supervisory body as watchdog.

The Code requires all activities to be performed in accordance with the law in a context of fair competition, honesty, integrity, correctness and good faith, respecting the legitimate interests of customers, employees, shareholders, commercial and financial partners and the communities in which the company operates.

All Snam Rete Gas S.p.A. employees, regardless of position and without exception, are required to comply with and see to it that others comply with these standards as part of their duties and responsibilities. Acting in the interests of the company in no way justifies conduct which deviates from such standards.

In 2009, the supervisory body met 12 times with all members present.

As well as examining reports of alleged violations of the Code, it assessed and implemented new measures to ensure maximum circulation and awareness of the new Code of Ethics, both within and outside the company.

The committee reports every six months to the board of directors on the status of its Code of Ethics.