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9 Property, plant and equipment

Property, plant and equipment, which amounts to €15,623 million (€15,563 million at 31 December 2016) changed as follows:

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(€ millions)

Property, plant and equipment

Cost on 31.12.2016






Other changes


Cost on 30.06.2017




Provisions for amortisation and depreciation on 31.12.2016


Depreciation and amortisation




Other changes


Provisions for amortisation and depreciation on 30.06.2017




Provision for impairment losses on 31.12.2016


(Impairment losses)/reversals


Other changes


Provision for impairment losses on 30.06.2017


Net balance on 31.12.2016


Net balance on 30.06.2017


Investments33 (€400 million) refer mainly to the transportation (€358 million) and storage (€40 million) segments.

Divestments (€2 million) mainly concern transportation segment assets.

Other changes (-€43 million) relate essentially to: (i) the change in estimated (discounted) costs for site restoration and dismantling (-€41 million) in the natural gas storage and transportation segments, which are offset by the recognition of a specific provision; (ii) the change in stocks of pipes and related accessory materials used in the production of plants in the natural gas transportation segment (-€5 million).

During the half-year period no impairment indicators were recorded or significant changes with regard to the valuation of the recoverability of the value recorded in the financial statements for property, plant and machinery. The observations made in the Annual Report are therefore confirmed and should be referred to.

Contractual commitments to purchase property, plant and equipment, and to provide services related to the construction thereof, are reported in Note 18 “Guarantees, commitments and risks”.

33 Investments by business segment are shown in the “Business segment operating performance” section of the Interim Report.

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