Integrating shared value: the road map

Snam will be capable of increasing and systematising the generation of shared value made available to local entities, an approach that is both local and global, and capable of offering local citizenship to the gas infrastructure.

In light of the interpretative framework set forth above, the strategic approach according to shared value is capable of maximising positive external effects, i.e. the positive effects generated by the Company for which the Company does not obtain direct economic compensation, creating a virtuous and one-to-one link between the quality of local areas and the Company’s competitiveness. Therefore, each project within each corporate process, interpreted from this standpoint and therefore made systematic, coordinated, integrated and managed, on the one hand creates value for the Company, and on the other hand generates value for stakeholders in local areas, increasing their competitiveness, which in turn has an effect on the Company’s competitiveness.

This may, in terms of some key processes, facilitate siting and revamping activities, create opportunities for greater efficiency (including for the community), be a driver of a competitive edge, and contribute to risk management, prevention and mitigation, in addition to representing a possible new narrative approach to corporate activities.

Based on this, Snam has prepared a road map, aimed at evaluating the projects mentioned above, to bring them to completion within a time period shared internally within the Company. Starting in the second quarter of 2012, the process of selecting such projects will gradually begin, aimed at identifying which to carry out straight away and which to subject to preliminary feasibility studies (for more complex actions).

In a process over the medium term, Snam will increase and systematise, in a coordinated process, the generation of shared value, which will be made available to local entities, by means of an approach that is both local and global and capable of offering local citizenship to the domestic and European gas infrastructure.

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