Operating with communities in territories


Sustainably developing and managing a network present in most of Italy must include the capacity to preserve environmental equilibriums and respect the sensibilities of local communities.

Snam is present in almost all regions of Italy and with its infrastructure network it traverses many local areas and communities that are diverse in terms of values, traditions, and economic, social and environmental conditions.

In this context, Snam’s policy is always to support the development of new projects, adopting a rigorous, transparent and cooperative approach to ensure that establishments are environmentally compatible and to encourage their acceptance by stakeholders.

In relations with local communities, the cultural and educational aspect is considered central. Snam thus pays great attention above all to relations with local institutions, the world of associations and, through school involvement, young people, who represent the population group most involved in the concept of sustainability. During 2011, the programme of events already begun the previous year, which saw elementary and secondary school students among the main participants in different local areas, was continued.


In 2011, besides the usual longstanding philanthropy activities, Snam began a process of more strategic engagement with the non-profit world, continuing on the path already begun in identifying and mapping them.

Engagement with the non-profit world

In 2011, besides the usual longstanding philanthropy activities, Snam began a process of more strategic engagement with the non-profit world, continuing on the path already begun in identifying and mapping them.

The objective was to identify the basic elements for building a plan for engagement with non-profit organisations that could share values and help to simplify the dynamics and the issues dealt with daily in the local areas where the Company operates.

As a first step, Snam has identified some simple general principles, guidelines both for the Company and for non-profit organisations, deemed necessary to ensure the representation of general interests:

  • Ensure the plurality of opinions and political and cultural orientations
  • Guarantee the clarity of attempts and accordingly transparency in managing projects
  • Recognise social, cultural and environmental authorities representative of local areas
  • Ensure a project’s sustainability over time
  • Ensure design capacity and flexibility in articulating processes

The second step, after having scouted out the most reputable non-profits in environmental and social areas, was that of holding an internal combined multifunctional workshop to share objectives and principles.

During two workshop meetings, the relevant topics and the stakeholders affected were identified, leading to the construction of the materiality matrix considering, on a cross-referenced basis, relevance for stakeholders (with particular reference to those reported as having critical issues) and relevance for Snam.

At this point, based on evaluation forms and indicators for the non-profits identified in the scouting process, the most appropriate organisations have been identified in terms of the materiality index.

This process has led to greater awareness of the topic internally, to instituting a series of shared relationships with a good number of non-profits and to the signing of a memorandum of understanding with FEDERPARCHI, an association that joins and represents Bodies managing Italian natural protected areas and operates in the environmental, biodiversity and sustainability fields.

Snam and the Sodalitas Foundation

Snam participated in 2011 in the first edition of Sodalitas Social Innovation, the competition for non-profit entities instituted by the Sodalitas Foundation, the association that builds a bridge between the corporate and non-profit worlds founded by Assolombarda in 1995.

Sodalitas Social Innovation is an initiative that aids the widespread growth of the design capacity of the Third Sector and that in the first edition saw the participation of 202 non-profit organisations, which submitted 231 social solidarity projects.

Snam formed part of the group of 23 companies joining the Sodalitas Foundation, which chose the 13 proposals deemed most effective. It will also participate in in-depth partnership workshops (which is held in March 2012) to allow non-profits to make a more effective presentation of their projects.

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Programme / Initiative

Objective and content

Participants and facilities involved

Energy Seen Up Close

The initiative consists of an information booth prepared by Snam and Stogit in a room at the Bordolano (CR) Town Hall in cooperation with the Municipal Administration.
It is an exhibit open to citizens with the objective of disseminating knowledge of the Bordolano Storage Project, begun in 2006, which involves turning a now exhausted deposit into a storage site for methane gas. Informative panels and videos describe to the public gas storage activities and their purpose, the activities involved in executing the new plant complex, its technical characteristics and the local environmental impact. A special in-depth section is devoted to environmental mitigation works that will allow the new plant complex to be integrated into the existing landscape, minimising its local impact.

Local community affected by the new Bordolano (CR) Storage Project

A visit to the Station

The initiative throws open the doors of Snam sites for guided facilities tours.
After an initial presentation focusing on gas as an energy source and on its journey to end uses, young people have been able to get to know these important facilities up close and from the words of technicians and to understand the functioning of plants and equipment, turbines and compressors, the technology used and the Company’s commitment to safety and protecting the environment. At the end of the event, the young guests take home cute gadgets and, above all, an idea of what a gas storage site and a compression station are and how they work.

Stogit plants in Sergnano (CR) and Minerbio (BO) and Snam Rete Gas compression station in Poggio Renatico (FE)

All down underground

The initiative, implemented in cooperation with Legambiente, aims to make the group’s sustainability actions and commitment known with dedicated events touching on such topics as energy and different energy resources, natural gas and its use in relation to the environment, and the good environmental restoration practices carried out by the Company.

Students are encouraged in particular to save energy by emphasising the importance of contributions by all, even the youngest, to safeguarding the planet, and asking them to put into practice every day easy energy saving measures. At the end of the gathering, students and teachers received small cans with plant seeds to care for and grow following the example of Snam.

Students of some elementary and secondary schools in Verolavecchia (BS) and Minerbio (BO)

Visit to regasification plan in Panigaglia

The initiative has allowed students, guided through the different areas of the site, to discover and get to know the world of LNG and regasification, as well as the measures adopted by the Company to ensure service under the safest and most reliable conditions, with special attention to protecting the environment.

Secondary schools in Le Grazie (Portovenere - SP) and Riomaggiore (SP)

A shopping bag for life

Snam has sponsored the initiative of the Municipality of Poggio Renatico in connection with its programme to build awareness of sorted waste through a drawing competition geared toward students. The winning drawing was reproduced on cotton bags to be used for shopping, delivered to all families in Poggio, while the winning student was rewarded with an art kit. At the award ceremony, Snam illustrated its good practices and certain concepts relating to gas and energy for all participating groups.

Students from the elementary school in Poggio Renatico and citizens

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KPI description

KPI date


Target achieved
in 2011



Hold educational events for schools and citizens


Hold 7 events in 2011


Snam group

Clean Up the World, participating in and sharing a commitment to the environment


With the now traditional sponsorship of the Clean Up the World initiative, the largest environmental volunteering event worldwide, Snam wishes to reiterate its attention to the environment by supporting an action that is both specific and symbolic.

The Company’s commitment aims to make people aware and involved through a series of actions geared toward promoting and facilitating their participation in environmental volunteering events: the home page of the corporate intranet hosts a dedicated banner; news is published that launches, promotes and support the initiative; posters on environmental volunteering events are affixed in all group sites; and managers present at sites in local areas are involved, becoming active in disseminating paper forms for joining the initiative.

Snam always offers its own people the chance to receive free Clean Up the World kits at the workplace (hat, gloves, bib and bag), a true “currency” for environmental volunteers.

Many people from the four companies joined the initiative and involved their friends. More than 400 kits for volunteers were made, distributed in the weeks prior to the event, a strong increase compared to previous editions of the event, which confirms the growing awareness of Snam people about taking care of their local areas.

In order to be able to share in the meaning and the spirit that has characterised the Clean Up the World event, employees who have participated in the initiative have been asked to photograph the most significant moments. A selection of these snapshots was posted on the intranet site. Every person who sent at least one photo also received an illustrated book as a reward. The tome is a literary classic, an account of the value of personal commitment to the environment, which the Company distributed with the intention of nourishing the culture of respect for nature in this and other ways.

With institutional stakeholders, on the other hand, Snam promotes periodic meetings to illustrate the Company’s activities and operational programmes.

In 2011, it continued strengthening dialogue with different institutional levels, both local and central, through a broad-based activity of presenting corporate initiatives intended to explain new development projects. In addition, by participating in formal hearings before Parliament and at regional and municipal councils, we responded to the need stated by citizens and administrations for more widespread and transparent communication on the Company’s activities, objectives and operations.

Still from the same standpoint of cooperating with local authorities, data were provided regarding gas consumption at the local level, aimed at contributing to the drafting of an action plan for sustainable energy (PAES).


The Company’s presence within trade associations was bolstered with the entry of Snam and the subsidiaries into Anigas, the main gas sector association belonging to Confindustria.

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