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4. Social responsibility and corporate citizenship

Social responsibility and corporate citizenship are an integral part of Snam’s corporate culture and corporate governance system and are the guiding principles behind a process of continuous improvement built around an economic and business model that focuses on respect for individuals, stakeholders, the environment and the community as a whole.

The Company bases the day-to-day conduct of its activities on the principles set out by international bodies and conventions on the protection of human rights, employment and trade union rights, health, safety and environmental rights, repudiation of forced labour, child labour and any form of discrimination, and on conformity with values and principles concerning fairness, transparency and sustainable development. Snam highlights its commitment to these issues through its adherence to the UN Global Compact, the most important international sustainability initiative, which aims to promote and disseminate 10 ethical principles concerning human rights, the environment, workers’ rights and anti-corruption.

Snam’s sustainable development model ensures oversight of major issues and reinforces the adoption of principles of sustainability across all its corporate processes. Snam undertakes to act with openness and transparency in its dealings with stakeholders, seeking to maintain and develop constructive dialogue both within the company and externally, with the ultimate aim of creating shared value.

Snam publishes an annual Sustainability Report, which it considers to be an important tool for monitoring its strategy and communicating with stakeholders. The Report examines and rounds up the activities performed, combining aspects of economic efficiency, environmental protection and social development, and reports on the performance indicators against which the Company publicly measures and compares itself.

The Sustainability Report is approved by Snam’s Board of Directors8.

8 The Sustainability Report is available on the Company’s website, http://www.snam.it

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