Financial results

Revenue from LNG regasification amounted to €23 million, in line with the figure recorded in 2011. The revenues relate to the capacity fees12 (€22 million, against €21 million in 2011) and the variable fees associated with the volumes of LNG regasified (€1 million, against €2 million in 2011).

EBIT totalled €5 million, down by €2 million, or 28.6%, compared with 2011, mainly as a result of the increase in operating costs (-€2 million) due primarily to excess use in 2011 of part of the provisions for risks following the resolution of disputes concerning local taxes.

12 Capacity fees include revenue related to the regasification commitment for an annual volume of LNG and a share of revenue related to the activity of docking and unloading methane tankers.

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