Operating review

During 2012, the LNG terminal at Panigaglia (SP) regasified 1.12 billion cubic metres of natural gas (1.89 billion cubic metres in 2011), unloading 31 methane tankers of various types (50 in 2011).



Investments in 2012 totalled €3 million (the same as in 2011) and mainly involved projects for maintaining plant system safety.

Legislative provisions

Extension of the permit to operate the GNL Italia regasification plant

Legislative Decree 179 of 18 October 2012, which was converted with amendments into Law 221 of 17 December 2012, concerning “Further urgent measures for the growth of the country” (the “Development Decree”), extended the duration of concessions to build and operate the LNG regasification terminals currently in operation.

Specifically, Article 34, paragraph 19 of the aforementioned Decree stipulates that the plants for which extension and development projects are in the authorisation phase shall continue to be operated until the authorisation procedures underway are completed, pursuant to the original right of concession, the expiry date of which shall be understood to be deferred automatically until the aforementioned completion.

On the basis of these provisions, the original permit to build and operate the Panigaglia plant, which was issued to GNL Italia S.p.A. in 1968, and which, following the extension of 1992, would have expired on 21 May 2013, shall be understood to be extended until the conclusion of the authorisation procedure concerning the expansion of the site’s regasification capacity, which is still under way.

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