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8. Relations with shareholders and investors

Snam has engaged in constant dialogue with shareholders, institutional investors, socially responsible investors, analysts and all financial market operators, ensuring the systematic disclosure of timely and comprehensive information on its activities, without prejudice to the confidentiality requirements pertaining to certain types of information. Information is therefore provided to investors, the market and news media through press releases, periodic meetings with institutional investors, the financial community and the press, and ample documentation and numerous publications are made available and continually updated on the Company’s Website.

Information regarding reports, significant events/transactions and procedures issued by Snam in relation to corporate governance is disclosed to the public in a timely manner and posted on the Company’s Website. Also available on the Company’s Website are the Company’s press releases, the documentation used in meetings with financial analysts, notices to shareholders, and information and documentation on agenda items for Shareholders’ Meetings, including the respective minutes.

Relations with shareholders and all financial market operators are handled by the “Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations” function. Information of interest to these parties is available on the Company’s Website and may also be requested via email from investor.relations@snam.it.

Relations with the news media are handled by the Institutional Relations, CSR and Communications department. Information of interest to these parties is available on the Company’s Website.

The “Investor’s Publications” page, in the Investor Relations section of the Company’s Website contains all the institutional products aimed at those who wish to invest in Snam or obtain a better understanding of the Company’s characteristics and the contexts in which it operates.

Snam believes that involving shareholders and establishing a relationship of trust with them are strategically important goals, which continued to be pursued during 2016. The Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations function encourages the exercise of voting rights at the Shareholders’ Meeting, and believes that an active policy of engagement is a valid resource for the whole Group, since it ensures shareholder satisfaction, helps to strengthen relations between shareholders and the Company, and plays a part in involving and informing shareholders about their shares and their decisions, as well as helping the Company to understand their expectations with regard to the main governance issues.

Snam also encourages initiatives inspired by EU guidelines on the drafting of stewardship codes, i.e., principles for managers, investors and advisers on transparent voting, monitoring investee companies and managing conflicts of interest (“stewardship code”).

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