Impact on regasification activities from La Spezia-Cortemaggiore pipeline event

Following the event at the La Spezia-Cortemaggiore pipeline which took place on 18 January 2012, the break in the pipeline meant that the usual regasified quantities could not be injected into the network. Consequently, the amount injected by the Panigaglia LNG plant was about 10% of the nominal capacity. This meant that the two storage tanks could not be drained regularly, in order to create sufficient room to receive the scheduled loads from tankers.

It was therefore not possible to receive two loads of gas from tankers on the agreed dates. However, an agreement was reached with those involved to reschedule to later dates without any significant economic impact.

The pipeline was operational again on 28 January 2012 and full regasification capacity was restored at the terminal, meaning that all tankers scheduled for February can be unloaded.

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