Global Compact


Since 2009, Snam has been a member of the Global Compact, the largest worldwide voluntary initiative on sustainability issues. Started in 1999, its members include governments, companies, and civil society organisations.

Those who join the Global Compact commit themselves in an ongoing manner to disseminating, both internally and externally, the Global Compact’s ten principles, which concern human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption and, in general, supporting the Millennium Development Goals.

Snam’s activities have always emphasised respect for and protection of human and labour rights, environmental protection and the search for a sustainable development model. In particular:

  • it adopts a code of ethics, containing the most modern guidelines on ethics and corporate sustainability;
  • it implements the best international standards in the fight against corruption;
  • it adheres to the International Gas Union’s “guidelines for sustainable development”;
it communicates with stakeholders through sustainability reporting

In 2011, Snam’s commitment to the Global Compact continued with many activities for engagement and disclosure of the ten principles, including:

  • actively participating in meetings of the working group on the environment and human rights, as a member of the Global Compact Network Italy.
  • participating in the production of the compendium of corporate best practices with an article on cooperation for the environment between for profit and non profit organisations, “Working together for the environment: a new perspective”. This compendium was presented by the Global Compact Network Italy at the Annual Meeting of the European Local Networks on 26-27 October 2011 and, in a broader capacity, will also be presented to the Corporate Sustainability Forum in Rio de Janeiro.
  • getting the Global Compact Network Italy involved in participating in the Suppliers’ Day for Sustainability organised by Snam in November 2011.
  • dissemination of the Global Compact’s ten principles in the documentation for commercial negotiations (contracts) with the hope that increasing numbers of supplier companies will join this initiative.

Millenium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals are the eight United Nations objectives that all 191 member states of the UN are committed to achieving by 2015:

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;
2. Achieve universal primary education;
3. Promote gender equality and women’s independence;
4. Reduce infant mortality;
5. Improve mothers’ health;
6. Fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases;
7. Guarantee environmental sustainability;
8. Develop a world development partnership.

Snam, due to the nature of its business, is particularly committed to the seventh goal, guaranteeing environmental sustainability, with a specific focus on safeguarding environmental resources and biodiversity.

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