Shared value in key processes

In order to create shared value, Snam is committed to furthering sustainable development throughout its transportation, dispatching, regasification, storage and distribution processes. Creating shared value is a fundamental part of Snam’s method of operation and it focuses on specific company business areas in which the potential for the creation of joint value for both the Company and stakeholders is greater.

The projects already developed in connection with shared value can be systematised and grounded in the corporate operating model, with the objective of seizing opportunities and making the production of shared value more fluid.

Specifically, through recognition of key projects under way at the Company, it has been possible to map some processes capable of guiding the generation of shared value and identifying additional contributory and beneficiary processes.

The following pages describe current and possible generation of shared value in company areas with the greatest potential, i.e. relations with suppliers, the making of new investments, site and infrastructure management, and the management and provision of services.

The external effects generated by such processes, if properly managed, coordinated and systematised, may be maximised and transformed into the creation of shared value, to reinforce the effects among key stakeholders and give them continuity.

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