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Snam’s primary objective is to create value that can meet the expectations of all stakeholders, as expressed in its Bylaws, Code of Ethics and Sustainability Report.


International growth

At the European level, Snam promotes the integration of European networks through strategic partnerships with major operators in the sector.


Social responsibility

Social responsibility, corporate citizenship and sustainability are an integral part of Snam’s governance and corporate culture, and represent the key components of its business development and value creation model, which incorporates respect for people, the environment and the entire community.


Corporate Governance system

Since it was first listed on the MTA segment of Borsa Italiana in 2001, Snam has complied with the principles set out in the various versions of the Code of Corporate Governance.


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics defines a shared value system and expresses Snam’s business ethics culture. It forms the basis for the Company’s strategic line of thought and the conduct of its corporate activities.

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