The following PDF files are available

(PDF:) Sustainability Report 2012

116 pages

7.9 MB

(PDF:) The Snam group

13 pages

2 MB

(PDF:) A year of sustainability

10 pages

1.1 MB

(PDF:) Sharing value

14 pages

1.5 MB

(PDF:) The markets

16 pages

1.3 MB

(PDF:) Local issues and the environment

24 pages

1.7 MB

(PDF:) Working together

14 pages

1.3 MB

(PDF:) Indicators

18 pages

1.4 MB




The following XLS files are available

(XLS:) All tables (64) of the Report (indexed)

312 kB

(XLS:) The Snam group

26 kB

(XLS:) A year of sustainability

45 kB

(XLS:) Sharing value

20 kB

(XLS:) The markets

23 kB

(XLS:) Local issues and the environment

50 kB

(XLS:) Working together

50 kB

(XLS:) Indicators

100 kB

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Global reporting initiative

The results in this report obtained the A+ level of compliance to GRI reporting guidelines

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