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Information on the ownership structure as at 27 February 2014

Share capital and key shareholders

The share capital of Snam is composed of registered ordinary shares, which are indivisible and each confer the right to one vote. At 27 February 2014 the share capital of Snam totalled €3,571,187,994.00, represented by 3,381,638,294 ordinary shares without indication of nominal value.

Snam shares are listed on the FTSE MIB index of Borsa Italiana and the main international indices (STOXX, S&P, MSCI and FTSE), as well as the main sustainability indices (Dow Jones Sustainability, FTSE4Good, STOXX Global ESG Leaders, ECPI, Vigeo and CDP).

At 27 February 2014 the total number of treasury shares held by the Company was 1,366,650, equal to 0.04% of the share capital. The proportion of floating capital was 61.42%.

The equity investment held by Eni fell from 20.23% to 8.54% during the course of the 2013 financial year. The Company’s market capitalisation rose from €11,893 million as at 31 December 2012 to €13,803 million as at 27 February 2014.

According to the information available and the communications received pursuant to Article 120 of the Consolidated Finance Act and Consob Resolution 11971/1999 (Consob Issuer Regulation), the shareholders holding more than 2% of Snam’s share capital at 27 February 2014 are:

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Direct shareholder

% of share capital


Exact percentage of the share capital, slightly more than 30%, is equal to 30.00000002%.

CDP S.p.A.

CDP Reti S.r.l.54

30.00 (*)

Ministry of Economy and Finance

eni S.p.A.


There are no shareholders that claim to exercise control over Snam. Snam is not subject to management and coordination. Snam carries out the management and coordination of its own subsidiaries.

Further information, as required pursuant to Article 123-bis, paragraph 1 of the TUF, can be found in the 2013 governance report56.

54 Company wholly owned by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A. (CDP).

55 Eni is not entitled to vote at Shareholders’ Meetings.

56 The information required pursuant to Article 123-bis, paragraph 1, letter i) of the TUF (“agreements between the Company and the directors …that provide for compensation in the event of dismissal without just cause or if the employment contract is terminated following a takeover bid”) is provided in the Remuneration Report published pursuant to Article 123-ter of the TUF.

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