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Snam has adopted the principles set out in the various versions of the Code of Corporate Governance, since its listing on the MTA segment of Borsa Italiana S.p.A. in 2001.



Snam is constantly committed to maintaining and strengthening a corporate governance system in line with the standards of international best practice and able to handle the complex situations in which the Company operates and the challenges to be faced in achieving sustainable development.


Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics adopted by Snam defines a shared system of values and expresses the business ethics culture of the Company, as well as inspiring strategic thinking and guidance of business activities.


Social responsibility

For some time, the Company has aimed to pursue its business activity within a broader context in which commitment to social issues plays an important role.


Corporate Governance System

Snam’s corporate governance system is based on certain key principles, such as a correct, transparent choice of management for corporate activities, which is ensured through the identification of information flows between corporate bodies, and an efficient definition of the internal control and risk management system.

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