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Snam ensures the greatest possible transparency in the quality of its remuneration systems and in the results of their application.

The remuneration system, which is based on the principles of Borsa Italiana’s Code of Corporate Governance, recognises responsibilities assigned, results achieved and the quality of the professional contribution, and it adheres to the principles of personal development and equal opportunity affirmed in the Code of Ethics that have always formed a part of Snam’s organisational culture.

The remuneration system supports the growth of Snam and its financial results, helping to align management action with the interests of the stakeholders and shareholders, and promoting the creation of value in the medium-to-long term.


Approved by the meeting of the Board of Directors of 11 March 2015

The Report is published in the “Governance” section of the Company’s website

Translation from the Italian. In the event of any differences in interpretation, the Italian text shall prevail.

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