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Purpose and general principles of the Remuneration Policy


Snam’s Remuneration Policy is defined in accordance with the governance model adopted by the Company and with the recommendations of the Code of Corporate Governance, with a view to attracting and retaining staff with high professional and managerial skills and aligning the interests of management with the primary objective of creating shareholder value over the medium to long term.

Within the adopted Policy, the variable, results-linked component is particularly important. This component is implemented through incentive systems linked to the achievement of economic/financial, business development and operational objectives, defined with a view to the sustainability of results, in line with the Company’s Strategic Plan.

In particular, Snam’s Remuneration Policy contributes to the achievement of its corporate mission, values and business strategies by: i) encouraging actions and conduct in line with the Company’s culture, while complying with the principles of diversity, equal opportunity and the development of knowledge, professionalism, equality and non-discrimination as provided for in Snam’s Code of Ethics and in the Corporate System Framework; and ii) recognising the assigned responsibilities, the results achieved and the quality of the professional contribution made, while taking account of the reference context and the remuneration markets.

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