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Innovation and climate change

The Company has set itself the target, by 2021, of reducing its natural gas emissions by 10% compared with 2016 figures and of increasing energy efficiency in various plants.
The emission into the atmosphere of 85,770 tonnes of CO2eq has been prevented.


Distribution of added value

We distributed €1,917 million of added value to stakeholders.


People: Training, Health and Safety

97.5% of our workforce are involved in personnel training.
The percentage of accidents involving contractors improved further.
Specifically, the frequency index fell by 34% and the severity index fell by 29%.


Supply Chain

We concluded over 1,000 procurement contracts, worth a total of
approximately €1.36 billion including €1.3 billion in Italy (equal to 95.6%).
Snam provided work for around 660 companies, 388 of which belong to the
small-medium business sector (SME).


Land and environment

More than €141.9 million spent for environmental protection,
sponsorships and local initiatives.
More than 227 km of environmental restoration
and more than 560 km of environmental monitoring.

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  • People: Training,
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