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Letter from the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee

The main goal of this Committee is to work on remuneration systems to ensure they continue to consistently support the business strategy and creation of value for shareholders.


Governance of the Remuneration Process

The process of defining the Snam Remuneration policy involves many parties in line with the regulatory and statutory provisions and with the Company’s governance model.


2017 remuneration policy guidelines

The 2017 Remuneration Policy guidelines were defined in line with the aims and general principles stated and were evaluated, by the Remuneration Committee, to be consistent with the applicable market benchmarks.


Implementation of 2016 remuneration policies

A description of the remuneration measures implemented in 2016 for the Chairman of the Board of Directors, non-executive directors, the Chief Executive Officer and managers with strategic responsibilities.


Compensation paid in 2016

Compensation paid to directors, statutory auditors and managers with strategic responsibilities.

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