Our history in brief


1941 – Snam is created

30 October 1941: Società Nazionale Metanodotti (Snam) is created to build and operate methane pipelines and distribute and sell gas.


Methane: Italy’s lifeblood

Development of the network begins, most of it concentrated in the Po Valley. 257 km has been developed in total by 1948, more than 700 km by 1950, 2,000 km by 1952 and 4,600 km by 1960.


Development of infrastructure

1961-1980: The methane pipeline network extends throughout Italy, reaching approximately 15,000 km in length. The first gas imports arrive from Siberian deposits and from Holland.

1967-1970: The first plant for reception and regasification of liquefied national gas is built in Panigaglia; the plant is later modernised to enable production of light liquefied natural gas.

1983: Work is completed on the Transmed gas pipeline, which carries Algerian gas for more than 2,400 km, crossing the Mediterranean and Italy (from Sicily to Lombardy).

1997-1999: The development of gas pipelines importing from Russia, northern Europe and Libya is completed. Snam’s gas pipeline network reaches 29,000 km.



Market liberalisation and stock market flotation

2000: The EU Directive governing liberalisation of the gas market (98/30/EC) is transposed into Italian law.

2001: Rete Gas Italia is created, becoming Snam Rete Gas in the same year. The company takes on Snam’s technology and skills assets in natural gas transportation and is listed on the stock market.

2003: The Electricity and Gas Authority approves the Network Code of Snam Rete Gas, which sets out all rules governing user access to, and use of, the gas transportation service.

2007: Continuing the commitment it made more than a decade ago with its Report on Environmental Health and Safety, Snam Rete Gas publishes its first Sustainability Report.

2009 - 2011

Integration of all regulated gas activities

2009: Snam Rete Gas acquires 100% of Stogit from Eni and Italgas and creates a new integrated operator in regulated activities in the gas sector.

2011: Legislative Decree 93 of 1 June 2011 introduces the EU Third Energy Package into Italian law. The Company also redefines its corporate identity, creating the new Snam brand.



The new ownership structure

The company name is changed from Snam Rete Gas to Snam. The transportation, dispatching, remote control and metering service is transferred to a new company that takes the name of Snam Rete Gas. This company is an Independent Transmission Operator, as defined by the EU Third Energy Package.

Procedures and terms are defined for ownership unbundling of Snam from its traditional reference shareholder, Eni.

15 October 2012: Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) completes the transaction and enters Snam’s share capital with an interest of 30%.

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