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Value-creation strategies

Snam helps provide the energy that the market needs – safely, sustainably and at fair cost.

Snam operates in a regulated market, and its business dynamics are affected by complex, ever-changing energy scenarios. In addition, we have to deal with the effects of the social and economic crisis that has blighted Italy in recent years.

The major research institutes believe that natural gas will remain a primary source of energy.

It will do so in an industry governed by the EU’s Third Energy Package which, as well as making provision for harmonised national regulations in order to create a single European market that is transparent and competitive, creates the conditions for the development of infrastructure to diversify energy sources and thus make supplies secure, and improve connections between national markets.

Snam’s strategy is based on a major programme of investment in Italy and abroad, on developing new services in response to the emerging demands of the market, and on striving for operating and financial efficiency.

Our investments in Italy are promoting the organic growth of our regulated business and are completing the reverse flow projects that enable a bidirectional flow of gas at our national borders. In the distribution segment, the tenders for new concessions are an opportunity for the Group to consolidate its position.

Our investments in development in Europe are aimed at ensuring a greater interconnection between infrastructures and more diversified procurement sources, in accordance with European guidelines.

We are also focusing on developing new services to meet the changing demands of shippers and end users, bearing in mind that an efficient market can improve liquidity and make the best use of the entire gas system.

Such a strategy contributes to the profitable and stable growth of the Group, the creation of value for all stakeholders and attractive and sustainable returns for our shareholders.

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