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Snam is a European leader in the construction and integrated management of natural gas infrastructure. It fosters the right conditions for fair energy costs by managing the gas system efficiently, developing infrastructure and providing integrated services for the market.

It promotes the integration of the European networks, including through strategic partnerships with the biggest operators in the sector, along the main continental energy corridors.

Snam follows an ethical and socially responsible business model that can create value for the Company and for the communities in which it operates, with acknowledged professionalism and transparent dialogue with all its stakeholders, while respecting the environment and the regions.

A clear and sustainable long-term development strategy, based on one of the most substantial investment programmes in Italian industry, has enabled the Company to attract Italian and foreign capital, boosting growth and employment.

With over 6,000 employees, Snam is active in natural gas transportation, storage, regasification and urban distribution. We manage a national transportation network that is more than 32,000 km long, nine storage facilities, one regasification plant and a local distribution network that covers around 57,000 km in total.

Snam, the Snam Group, Group or group means Snam S.p.A. and the companies within its scope of consolidation.

Snam operates in a strategic sector for the country. With over 6,000 employees, it conducts regulated gas segment activities and is a leading European operator in terms of regulatory asset base (RAB) in its sector. As an integrated operator, Snam provides natural gas transportation and dispatching, storage and distribution services as well as LNG regasification services, and plays a leading role in the natural gas infrastructure system.

Snam conducts these activities throughout Italy, respectively, through its four subsidiaries wholly owned by Snam S.p.A.: Snam Rete Gas, Stogit, Italgas and GNL Italia.

Snam operates in Europe’s major energy corridors through agreements with and equity investments in the leading industry players.

Snam’s business is focused on regulated activities and is capital intensive. Regulation makes provision for tariff systems that cover the costs incurred by the operator and for a fair return on invested capital. Snam is therefore able to maintain a limited risk profile and to provide its shareholders with attractive and sustainable returns, while ensuring that it provides its services to all operators in a non-discriminatory manner and with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Snam has been listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2001. Its share price features not only on the FTSE MIB index but also on leading international indices (Stoxx Europe 600 and Stoxx Europe 600 Utilities) and the major sustainability indices.

Snam’s role in the gas system

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