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Snam in 2016


Completed, effective as of 7 November 2016, is the separation of Snam from the natural gas distribution business

We supported our growth strategy with €906 million of technical investments in Italy and €168 million for TAP development

Acquired, in a consortium with Allianz, 49% of Gas Connect Austria (GCA) in exchange for an expenditure by Snam of €135 million

Successfully completed a significant Liability Management transaction that shall make it possible to continue along the path of optimisation of the debt structure:
bought back on the market bonds with a total nominal value of approximately

2.75 billion euros

Adjusted EBIT:

1,336 million (-9.8%)

Adjusted net profit:

826 million (-4.3%)

Net Profit:

861 million (-30.5%)

Pro-forma adjusted net income4:

845 million

Net cash flow from operating activities:

1,627 million5

Bought back 28,777,930 Snam shares, representing 0.82% of the share capital, for a total cost of approximately

103 million

We proposed to award our shareholders a dividend of

0.21 euros per share

Snam shares ended 2016 with an official price of 

3.923 euros


3 Not included, unless otherwise specified, is the contribution of the natural gas distribution sector, an operating activity that was terminated effective as of 7 November 2016.

4 Obtained by applying Snam’s share (13.5%) to the estimated net income of Italgas Group for the whole of 2016, adjusted by excluding the effects resulting from the adjustment to market value of the existing financial debts towards Snam Group and eliminating the effects of non-recurring items from the valuation of foreign subsidiaries..

5 Includes cash flows chargeable to discontinuing operations

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