Regulations for business sectors

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Relationships with the regulatory Authority






Responses to consultations (the Authority, Ministry of Economic Development and Energy Market Operator) through trade associations.


Information sent to the Authority during 2017 with reference to investigations in the context of the sector.Including preliminary inquiries.


Also includes proposals still being evaluated by the Authority, including contractual documents and agreements with operators in the context of regulated services.

Responses to consultation documents




Responses to consultations/observations through associations (*)




Tariff proposals




Data collections




Preliminary investigations (**)




Proposal to amend/update contractual documents and codes (***)




Proposal to amend/update contractual documents and codes (approved)




Tariff regulations for 2017

Subsequently, by means of Resolution 643/2017/R/gas, published on 22 September 2017, the Authority approved the definitive base revenue for the storage service for 2017 for the company Stogit. The recognised revenues amounted to € 503.2 million. The RAB for storage activities was €4.0 billion.

Tariff regulations for 2018

By means of Resolution 855/2017/R/gas, published on 15 December 2017, the Authority provisionally approved the corporate base revenue for the storage service for 2018, as per the tariff proposal presented by Stogit. The provisionally approved revenue is aimed at providing a base figure for calculating the fees for the allocation of storage capacity. By 31 May 2018, storage companies will submit their final base revenue proposals to the Authority, calculated using the total annual increases in assets relating to 2017.These proposals are subject to approval by the Authority.

Temporary period regulations for 2019

Resolution 68/2018/R/gas – “Start of the procedure for the definition of provisions related to the tariffs and the quality of storage services for the fifth regulatory period (5PRS) and extension of the current provisions to year 2019”

The Resolution 68/2018/R/gas extends for the year 2019 the regulatory criteria in force for the period 2015-2018 for the storage service, confirming the β parameter for the year 2019. At the same time, the resolution starts a procedure for the definition of the provisions related to the tariffs and the quality of storage services to be applied in the fifth regulatory period from 2020, during which it will be evaluated the opportunity to implement a regulatory approach based on total expenditure (so-called “Totex”).

Other provisions

Italian Ministerial Decree MISE of 14/02/2017 (Official Gazzette No. 49 of 28 February 2017) – “Determination and allocation of modulation storage capacity for the contractual period 1 April 2017-31 March 2018”

With this decree, the Ministry of Economic Development defined the modulation storage space for the thermal year 2017-2018, to be used primarily for entities supplying domestic customers, at 7,625 million cubic metres plus the mining storage share not requested and allocated by the storage companies. The Decree confirmed that this storage space, together with that reserved for the uniform storage of annual and multi-year duration, would be allocated by competitive auctions, with the reserve price defined by the Authority on the basis of the criteria set forth in Resolution 76/2017/R/gas, “Provisions for storage service for the thermal year 2017-2018”.

Resolution 589/2017/R/gas – “Closure of investigation regarding the status of services provided by the storage fields under concession to the company Stogit S.p.A. Provisions on the regulation of economic items related to the storage service, for the thermal year 2017-2018”

With Resolution 589/2017/R/gas published on 7 August 2017, the Authority envisaged, in continuity with the 2016-17 thermal year, provisions for the issue of sterilising the impact of transferring storage capacity at fees below the regulated tariff, to guarantee the storage companies have a revenue flow that is substantially equivalent to that obtained by applying, to the capacity allocated through auction, of the corresponding tariffs. As part of the same resolution, the Authority also closed the fact-finding investigation initiated by Resolution 323/2016/R/gas regarding the services provided by Stogit storage fields, and did not find any violations or non-compliance.

Emergency Plan for the natural gas system

With Italian Ministerial Decree 18/10/2017, the Ministry of Economic Development updated the Preventive Action Plan and the Emergency Plan23 for the natural gas system, by taking into account the new European Regulations on the security of natural gas supplies (Regulation EU 2017/1938).

With reference to the storage activity, the Emergency Plan provides inter alia that Stogit will update the Storage Code in relation to some measures for using storage capacities in the areas of warning and emergency levels. The Stogit proposal is being evaluated by the Authority.

23 For further information on the Action and Emergency Plans, as well as the measures taken with reference to the regasification activity, see the “Other provisions” section of the chapter “Regasification of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)”.

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