Snam: an integrated gas system player


Snam is a European leader in the construction and integrated management of natural gas infrastructure. With approximately 3,000 employees, it conducts regulated gas segment activities and is a leading European operator in terms of regulatory asset base (RAB) in its sector. As an integrated operator, Snam provides natural gas transportation, dispatching and storage services as well as LNG regasification services, and plays a leading role in the natural gas infrastructure system. By managing system infrastructures efficiently and providing integrated services for the market, Snam creates the conditions to guarantee fair energy costs.
Snam operates in Europe’s major markets through agreements with the leading industry players and direct equity investments in the share capital of companies. Snam also offers engineering and technical-operational services for gas operators in national and international markets.

Snam’s business is focused on regulated activities and is capital intensive. Regulation makes provision for tariff systems that cover the costs incurred by the operator and for a fair return on invested capital. Snam is therefore able to maintain a limited risk profile and provide its shareholders with attractive and sustainable returns, while ensuring the provision of provides its services to all operators in a non-discriminatory manner and with the highest standards of quality and safety.

The company actively promotes the use of natural gas as a flexible, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy. In the coming years, Snam intends to launch various projects aimed at developing energy efficiency projects and promoting a more sustainable and efficient energy system through the use of CNG-compressed natural gas, biomethane and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the transport sector.

To fulfill its role as an integrated gas player, Snam has redesigned its organisational structure towards a “One company” divided into four business units and staff functions, designed with a view to simplifying processes, efficiency and continuous improvement. The business units respectively supervise: the management of transport, storage and regasification activities carried out by Italian subsidiaries, the coordination of foreign holdings, the development and commercial activities, and the development of services dedicated to operators in the gas sector.

Snam has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001. Its share price features not only on the Italian FTSE MIB index but also on leading international indices (Stoxx Europe 600 and Stoxx Europe 600 Utilities) and the major sustainability indices.

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