Our mission, our values


Guiding the evolution of the energy sector thanks to the most innovative sustainability network


We create energy infrastructure and offer integrated services

We connect to create opportunities

We are the connective fabric of our sector, the creators of energy networks, technology and humanity that embrace Italy and unite continents. We are aware that working together is an essential condition for promoting ideas and multiplying opportunities. We create inclusive connections with others, to connect the world, community after community.

We promote security

We like to do things well and we strive to guarantee security. We improve every day, combining our processes with real progress for everyone's benefit. Operating in a secure manner, we take care of the community and environment we live in, to ensure stable supplies of energy for Europe: the heat and light we all count on.

We support a changing world

We play an essential role in the sustainable development of our economies, the environment and society as a whole, and we do this in an ethical and transparent manner. Just like our infrastructure integrates with local territories and communities, we evolve with the changing world. This means being at the forefront in terms of clean energy and infrastructure, while also ensuring development opportunities for our people.

We shape the future

We complete vast and complex long-term projects, and contribute to shaping tomorrow's economic and cultural climate. Our know-how and experience in energy infrastructure, allow us to have a vision and play a leading role in a much broader system. Together we have a duty to imagine and shape a future that extends beyond our own lives.

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