The Chairman (Signature)

Financial highlights

Total revenue
[€26 million; + 1.1%]

Free cash flow
+€423 million

Adjusted results
Adjusted EBIT
€27million (+2.0%)

Adjusted net profit
€95 million (+11.2%)

Reported net profit
€897 million

Purchased in 2017
for a total cost of € 210 million

We supported our strategy
with technical investments for
€1,034 million and
investments in participations for
€437 million

Proposed dividend
€0.2155 per share

The CEO (Signature)

Operating highlights

Demand for natural gas

Gas injected into the network
increasing for the twelfth
consecutive quarter

Storage capacity
12.2 billion cubic metres
[99.9% of available capacity]


Sustainability highlights

Confirmation of inclusion in
the CDP list Climate Change
9th consecutive year
in the DJSI – Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

CO2eq emissions avoided
82,780 tonnes

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