Stakeholder relations

Positive and consistent relations over time with stakeholders is a fundamental part of Snam's management model. Relations with stakeholders are carried out with the aim of increasing trust and reputation and reducing potential conflicts.

All corporate structures contribute to the various activities involving stakeholders, each within their own prerogatives, roles and responsibilities with centralised coordination.

Snam's approach to stakeholder engagement, explained in the Stakeholder Engagement Policy, is aimed at:

  • through mapping, identifying the various categories of stakeholders with whom the Company deals, following the evolution of the context and development of company activities;
  • analyse and understand stakeholders’ profiles and the company's position with respect thereto;
  • deepening the interests and issues relevant to each category of stakeholder, also through regularly updating the material analysis;
  • reporting and regularly communicating management results to stakeholders in relation to the material issues of mutual interest through the report on social responsibility and all the other reporting and communication tools of the Company.

The stakeholder groups identified through mapping fall into the following categories: Community and territory, Investors and financiers, Other operators, Media, Suppliers, Customers, People, Authorities and Institutions.

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement (graphic)
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