Structure  of the Group at 31 December 2019

The changes in the consolidation scope of Snam Group at 31 December 2019, compared with 31 December 2018, consisted of the inclusion of the following companies1: (i) Enura S.p.A. (formerly Asset Company 5 S.r.l.), 55% owned by Snam S.p.A., for the construction of the transportation infrastructure in Sardinia2; (ii) Snam Gas & Energy Services (Beijing) Co. Ltd, wholly owned by Snam International B.V., based China to support the development of the Chinese gas market using Snam’s distinctive expertise in this industry.; (iii) Snam 4 Environment S.r.l. (formerly Asset Company 6 S.r.l.), wholly-owned by Snam S.p.A., established following the acquisition, in November 2019, from Ladurner Ambiente and from AB Invest of 82.63% of Renerwaste S.r.l., one of the leading companies in Italy operating in biogas and biomethane infrastructure, with the consequent gaining of control of Renerwaste Lodi S.r.l., Ecoprogetto Milano S.p.A., Ecoprogetto Tortona S.r.l.; (iv) TEA Servizi S.r.l., following the acquisition in November 2019, via the wholly-owned company Asset Company 4 S.r.l., of 100% of the share capital of the company, active in the design, construction and running of thermohydraulic and electric plants for industrial customers, with a special focus on small and medium-sized companies.

With the exception of Enura, subject to consolidation within the “Natural gas transportation” sector, the remaining companies listed above were included in the sector “Corporate and other activities”3, not subject to separate reporting pursuant to international accounting standard IFRS 8 “Operating segments”.

Structure of the Group at 31 December 2019

The structure of the Group at 31 December 20194 is shown below:

1 For more information please see the section “Summary data and information – Main events”.

2 Asset Company 5 S.r.l., which was set up by its sole shareholder Snam S.p.A. in June 2018, was renamed Enura S.p.A. on 1 April 2019, when Società Gasdotti Italia (SGI) joined its ownership structure with a 45% stake.

3 Pursuant to international accounting standard IFRS 8 “Operating segments”, “Corporate and other activities” does not represent an operating segment, which is defined on the basis of the internal reporting used by the Company’s management for allocating resources to the different segments and for analysing the respective performances.

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