Company welfare


Over time, Snam has built an articulated system of tools and services aimed at improving the work/life balance and, more generally, the quality of the system of work.

During 2012, first with the adoption of the Third Energy Package and later with the departure of Snam from the eni group, the Company has pursued its own business plans already initiated, ensuring continuity in the company welfare system and in the major and prioritised initiatives. A dedicated section has been conceived and activated on the corporate intranet to ensure the most complete information and communication of welfare initiatives for people working at Snam.

Considering its more traditional and developed components, the corporate welfare system encompasses:

  • insurance cover for work and non-work accidents, offering more than the statutory benefits;
  • supplemental health assistance guaranteeing reimbursement for expenses incurred for health and hospital services at public and private facilities;
  • supplemental pension funds, which are funded to a great extent by company contributions.

In 2012 Snam paid € 86 million for social security contributions (pensions and healthcare assistance) and €11 million for employee benefits.


Other initiatives developed, involving opportunities and services for people in the following main areas: “family and free time”, “health and wellbeing” and “arrangements and savings”.


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Intervention area

Description of the initiative

Family and free time

Summer camps in the city for children and adolescents, created to assist families during school holidays.
Summer beach or mountain outings.
Themed outings for adolescents focusing on English language studies, sports and respect for nature.
Nursery school: A centre of excellence in terms of both its teaching and its architecture, comprises a crèche and a nursery school that cater for employees’ children aged 0 to 6 years, allowing parents to have a better work/life balance (operational at San Donato Milanese since September 2010).

Health and wellbeing

Promoting health: Early cancer detection programme in cooperation with the Italian League against Cancer and with participating health facilities, and agreements with some health centres on hospital and outpatient services.
Special health check-up programmes meant for managers.
Anti-flu vaccine campaign.
Wellbeing programme: this offers the opportunity to engage in physical activities at selected and approved sports centres in the vicinity of the office buildings, at preferential membership rates.
Meals: Snam is committed to providing high quality in corporate catering, using services that ensure the use of first-rate raw materials, keep the nutritional value in the preparation process and maintain the quality of the environments and facilities where the service is provided. Take-away is another attractive option, allowing employees to save time by reserving dishes to eat at home.

Arrangements and savings

Snam personnel are offered preferential terms for obtaining personal loans, insurance policies and credit cards, buying used cars, hiring cars, buying name-brand products or booking a holiday.
In terms of culture, employees have the opportunity to enjoy free or reduced-cost tickets to visit museums and exhibits, or attend concerts and operas.

To promote the sustainable mobility of employees, Snam offers the possibility to buy discounted public transport passes. In the area of the San Donato Milanese headquarters, the Company also makes available a shuttle service from the metropolitan train station to the worksites.

In 2012, as in every year, employees who have provided 25 years of service to the Company were awarded a prize and a gold medal, attesting to their individual contribution to the Company’s growth. In 2012, 282 people in the group received awards (including 17 at Snam S.p.A., 90 at Snam Rete Gas S.p.A., 131 at Italgas S.p.A., 17 at Napoletanagas S.p.A., 25 at Stoccaggi Gas Italia S.p.A. and 2 at GNL Italia S.p.A.).

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