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Snam generates “good employment” because it is a capital-intensive company with operations throughout most of Italy, carries out high-level, specialised activities and provides stable and long-lasting employment relationships.

Working at Snam requires basic skills in operating technologies, control systems and information systems and procedures that are ever more complicated. Strategic development plans for European networks will entail the further strengthening of technical and management skills, so that the Group can respond to new complexities as it moves into untapped international environments. The know-how and management practices of the people progressively entering the sphere of the Group will also help with this process.

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The six guidelines for change

1) The Group has adopted a new skills model that will help it to understand what it needs to be competitive in Europe.

2) Snam aims to give its employees responsibility using a systematic approach, in which performance appraisal goes hand in hand with the promotion of merit and opportunities for managers and staff to come together, so that every employee has a completely clear picture of his or her work targets and performance.

3) Snam aims to stress the strategic value of leadership, particularly in the European market where speed of innovation is an asset.

4) Another guideline is to connect people and to promote and share information as a way of increasing staff motivation levels. As the survey showed, employees already have a strong sense of belonging to the Group.
The aim is to increase the involvement of all personnel even further.

5) Since it adopted the new Corporate System Framework, Snam has aimed to simplify and standardise all its organisational processes.

6) In this context, the Snam HR&S department has already taken on the task of developing corporate culture.

The six guidelines for change (Graphic)

Communicating to develop culture

Snam sees communication as a fundamental tool in encouraging staff participation and involvement, not only to “inform”, but also to create, raise awareness, share and foster dialogue.

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Internal engagement






The Group intranet not only serves as a dynamic information tool for all Snam’s employees, but also as a forum for knowledge sharing and development. It includes specific sections that are frequently updated to provide news, information on project launches and progress with initiatives, as well as in-depth reports on topical subjects. The intranet became even more interactive in 2013, and the number of news items steadily increased, as did the use of video clips. A very broad range of subjects was covered, of great interest to employees. The most popular were the climate analysis, the Energienglish project, the adoption of the new Corporate System Framework and some sustainability initiatives, including the new edition of
“Help from the network – Let’s volunteer 2013”.


Nearly 5,000 colleagues, representing 83% of the Group’s total workforce, took part in “Sapernedi+” 2013, the long-standing communication initiative that aims to disseminate the Group’s corporate values and strategies and to promote discussion of themes, problems and solutions related to the individual organisational units. Staff attended 250 meetings at the various company offices nationwide.

Newsletter, brochure and other literature

In order to involve all personnel, including those difficult to reach with the computer network, Snam makes and uses paper tools. The “Energie” Newsletter, which is sent out to the entire workforce, reported on the developments and changes that took place in the business in 2013, partly by means of the “Speciali di Energie” publication which explored certain topics in more depth, such as the results of the climate analysis. It was also used to distribute an updated questionnaire to assess the knowledge, use and appreciation of the corporate welfare systems and to gather suggestions. News items not only increased in terms of number but also in terms of content: news was included that was designed to give employees even more information about the Company, to help them feel more actively involved in a system that is continually changing. The newsletter also aims to shorten the distance between the news and employees by reporting on projects and initiatives and also providing testimonials from the people directly involved.

Executive meetings

These provide the opportunity to reflect on key events in business operations, and to ensure adequate information and constant involvement and assumption of responsibility with regard to corporate strategies and objectives.

Help from the network “Let’s volunteer”

This third edition of the Snam Group’s volunteering initiative saw an increase not only in the number of offices taking part (Naples, Rome, San Donato Milanese and Turin) but also employee involvement (70 in 2013). Our volunteers were Group staff who dedicated part of their working day to support the actions taken by charities CESVI (an Italian NGO that fights poverty in 31 countries) and Le Stelle di Lorenzo (a national charity that makes wishes come true for children with serious illnesses undergoing long-term medical treatment).

The event was structured into three main parts: first of all, staff attended meetings where the charities presented their activities; they then spent time in the laboratory creating Christmas gadgets; and later they helped to sell these, along with other products, from stalls set up in the offices involved in the run-up to Christmas.

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