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2016 Highlights

The demerger of the natural gas distribution business segment was completed

49% of Gas Connect Austria was purchased in a consortium with Allianz (to strengthen international growth, GCA)

Established a Sustainability Committee within the Board of Directors

The shares were included on the major SRI international stock exchanges. Confirmed for the 8th consecutive year on the World DJSI

€1,917 million of added value distributed to stakeholders

Memorandum of understanding signed with FIAT, IVECO and API to increase the use of natural gas in the automotive industry

All accident indices kept low and those of contractors reduced still further (frequency-34%, severity -29%)

Memorandum of understanding signe with Transparency International on anti-corruption and governance

Around 1,200 reputational checks carried out on suppliers and sub-contractors

Employee survey conducted, with an 82% participation rate

Customer satisfaction surveys conducted for all network and storage users

First place in Webranking KWD, in Italy and Europe for online communication

Over 85,000 tonnes of CO2eq prevented thanks to specific measures

Natural gas emissions reduced by 3%

Two DLE turbines installed and nitrogen oxide emission indicator for energy used reduced by 10%

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