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Snam promotes constructive relations with regulators and institutions and works on developing services directed at the market, focusing on their quality to satisfy the requirements of shippers, traders and end users, and is constantly seeking to evolve.

The importance of regulation nationally

In the Snam business sustainable development model, the quality and orderliness of relations between the company and the AEEGSI (The Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water) play a vital role.

Tariff regulation, specifically, has, over time, become an essential condition both for channelling investments in the network and for developing infrastructure capital from an economic aspect. To date, 95.5% of Snam revenues are actually from regulated activities.

Snam interacts with the AEEGSI in the following ways:

  • responds, directly or through trade associations, to the public consultations that the authority carries out with regard to various sector activities, in preparation for the definition of new standards or the revision of existing standards;
  • participates in the round tables established by the authority, always with regard to the development of the regulatory framework;
  • processes the amendments of the Transport Network, Storage and Regasification Codes, then submitted to the authority for approval;
  • takes part in collecting data and surveys conducted during the year in order to evaluate the status of the sector or the individual services and periodically sends the information required to fulfil information obligations
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