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The Snam stock in sustainability indices

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In 2016 too, Snam shares were included in the main SRI international stock exchanges based on the performance of the businesses in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability. This result increases the visibility of the company with regard to socially-responsible investors, and the entire financial market.

As at 31.12.2016 the total percentage of institutional investors that included corporate social responsibility in their investment decision criteria was 9.4% of total institutional investors.

Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (Logo)

Snam stock was confirmed for the eighth consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the most important global stock exchange index and a benchmark of corporate social responsibility. It improved its global position (from 85 to 89 points), also thanks to progress in all three of the macro-areas evaluated, specifically the environmental area (from 92 to 95 points).

RobecoSAM (Logo)

For the third consecutive year, RobecoSAM placed Snam in the Silver Class of the Sustainability Yearbook, a distinguished group of companies, which in the industrial sector concerned includes companies which distinguish themselves through corporate social responsibility activities and commitment.

FTSE4Good (Logo)

Snam was confirmed again in the FTSE4Good in 2016, where it has been included since 2002, an index created by the FTSE Group to promote investments in companies which meet globally recognised standards in terms of social responsibility and an important point of reference for the creation of ethical portfolios and benchmarks. It improved its score from 4.1 to 4.7 out of 5.

CDP (Logo)

It was included for the fourth consecutive year among the highest scorers of CDP, a non-profit organisation which is one of the most important internationally for climate change, and was also included on the A List (highest scorers).

ET index Research (Logo)

It received recognition in December as a carbon industry leader, thanks to its position at the top of the SICS (Sustainability Industry Classification System) of the Oil & Gas (Midstream) industry, from the ET index Research, an independent research body that monitors the greenhouse gas emissions of the most important global companies as well as their performance in terms of disclosure.

Ethibel Sustainability Index (Logo)

Snam is on the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe and Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Global. Confirmed once again on the Ethibel PIONEER and Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Registers: the selection made by the Ethibel Forum indicates that Snam is one of the leading companies in the industry in terms of CSR.

MSCI Global Sustainability indices (Logo)

Snam was confirmed for the second year running in the two MSCI World ESG and MSCI ACWI ESG indices. MSCI is a leading international company which provides information support tools for investment decisions taken by global investors. The MSCI Global Sustainability indices include the companies with the highest sustainability ratings in their sectors.

United Nations Global Compact 100 (Logo)

Snam was also present in 2016 for the third consecutive year in the United Nations Global Compact 100 (GC 100) index, developed by the United Nations Global Compact with the research firm Sustainalytics, which includes the 100 companies that have distinguished themselves at the global level both for attention to sustainability issues as well as for performance in the financial sector, and that adhere to the ten fundamental principles of the United Nations on the topics of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

NYSE Euronext Vigeo 120 indices (Logo)

Snam is in the (Europe, Eurozone, World) NYSE Euronext Vigeo 120 indices, managed by Vigeo, a leading European company in CSR evaluation.

STOXX Global ESG Leaders Indices (Logo)

For the seventh consecutive year, the Snam stock came to form part of the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Indices, a group of indices based on a transparent process of selection of the performance, in terms of sustainability, of 1,800 companies listed worldwide.

Oekom research (Logo)

Snam was confirmed in 2016 as “PRIME” (with a rating of B-) by Oekom research, a leading international ratings agency for socially responsible investments, which operates on behalf of institutional investors and financial services companies.

ECPI sustainability indexes (Logo)

Snam features on five of the main ECPI sustainability indexes. Snam stock was first included in ECPI indexes in 2008. ECPI procedures consist of a screening based on the testing of over 100 ESG indicators (Environmental, Social, Governance).

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