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Corporate welfare and a healthy work/life balance

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The new welfare system was developed along three guidelines:

  • introducing new initiatives aimed at emerging needs;
  • defining interventions based on the requirements of the various bands of company personnel;
  • making people aware, informed and involved.

Snam’s corporate welfare system is constantly evolving to get increasingly closer to the real needs of individual people. In 2016, in-depth investigations into company personnel and the services provided were completed, by listening to employees through questionnaires, focus groups and surveys which led to a new welfare system being defined.

SnamMY, the new welfare portal, accessible from anywhere using any device, was launched during the year in order to improve communication between the company and its people.


2016 activities


Summer visits and study periods

175 children of employees attended (Cesenatico, Piani di Luzza and Malta)


Allowance for employees who make use of them


Subsidies for buying text books (for 74 employees) 15 scholarships awarded and loans for educational expenses

Family S.O.S.

Professional counselling (42 employees took advantage of this service)

Motherhood, adoption and foster care

Guidance on parents’ rights and the company’s position on parenthood

Health and well-being

Cancer prevention

Prevention protocol, Women’s protocol, Men’s protocol (457 visits)


Health checks for managerial personnel

Sports centres

Arrangements for physical activities at favourable terms


High-quality company restaurant and take-away service for private use

Workplace Health Programme:

Member of the health programme launched by the Lombardy Region

Specialist medical services

Arrangement with the Monzino Cardiology Centre for visits for employees and their families

Time for yourself


Flexible working hours
Tax and legal help

Savings and relations


Subsidised rate loan (246 employees took advantage of this borrowing for a total of approximately €1 million).


Purchase of subsidised travel on public transport (215 bought).
Shuttle service to San Donato Milanese headquarters


Insurance policies, bank credit cards, car hire, purchase of branded goods, booking of holidays, at favourable terms.

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