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Land and Environment

Protecting the environment and biodiversity are integral parts of the definition of company policies and investment decisions for all Snam’s activities, which are fully identified in an approach to the land and communities with a view to integrating the environment and economic development.

When creating new infrastructures and managing existing ones, Snam adopts a rigorous, transparent, collaborative and constructive approach to ensure the environmental compatibility of the sites and encourage acceptance by stakeholders.

Snam is present, through its infrastructure, in almost all the country’s regions, in areas and communities that are varied in terms of culture, traditions and economic, social and environmental conditions.

Over time, Snam has established a network of relations with regional branches of Confindustria and other local associations to discuss issues of energy, economic and environmental policy affecting the territory. At local and national level, the Company cooperates with the authorities and takes part in the work of numerous associations and committees making its expertise and commitment available and participating in social innovation and sustainable development initiatives.

All of Snam’s activities are overseen by certified environmental management systems (ISO 14001).

The relationship between businesses and society has increasingly become the focus of more attention and interest. In recent years, the continuing economic uncertainty and concurrent increase in social emergencies has created serious hardship, especially in the weaker bands of the population. Businesses, which have always played a fundamental role in the economic and social development of a country, have reacted by implementing policies and tools to try and respond to these emergencies.

Snam intends to make its contribution and increase its corporate social responsibility. This is why the Snam Foundation has been established with a view to developing and adopting innovative and sound practices capable of encouraging civil, cultural and economic development in priority areas of public interest. The Foundation intends to play a part in creating tangible and intangible infrastructures, also leveraging the know-how, networks, technical and technological means to develop partnerships, projects and initiatives of social value.


Environmental expenses by type (%) (Pie chart)

In 2016, around €851 thousand was dedicated to donations and sponsorships and over €1.26 million went on environmental compensation. Snam’s expenditure on protecting the environment runs to approximately €139.8 million (€129.3 million on investments and €10.5 million on management costs).

Projects in the area

Sustainable Paths - Ticino Park

Presented at the Turin International Book Exhibition, the fourth volume in the Sustainable Paths series, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and published by 24ore Cultura-Gruppo Sole 24ore, dedicated to the Ticino Park. The series, aimed at development and restoration works carried out by Snam in protected areas such as parks and nature reserves, is a testament to the company’s commitment to safeguard and enhance the environment in a context of using gas as a strategic energy resource.

2015-2016 Schools Project

For the third consecutive year Snam has been involved in the educational project “Stories that tell of the future” dedicated to the second stage of primary schools. The objective of the initiative is to raise awareness of fundamental issues to strengthen sustainable development. The edition for the 2015-2016 academic year entitled “The Network of Confidence and Respect” focused on the theme of legality, understood as respect and civic duty. The project, produced in conjunction with Federparchi, involved approximately 220 Italian primary schools with around 500 classes and more than 10,000 students.

Tour of Italy in 80 bookshops

A cycling, cultural and environmental race took place following the entire course of the Ticino River, visiting significant and evocative centres of cultural importance. The third edition of the initiative, launched in partnership with the Associazione Letteratura Rinnovabile, has made it possible to promote and consolidate Snam’s presence in areas in which the company has had a strong presence for some time. It provided an opportunity to present Sustainable Paths - Ticino Park at various meetings.


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