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A strong web identity to strengthen relational capital

In 2016, Snam continued with further improvements to its web identity, creating a responsive version of the corporate website, optimised for use on all types of desktops and mobile devices. The action, developed through the most innovative technologies on the market, also included a complete graphic restyling helpful in promoting a user-friendly experience to take full advantage of the contents, also thanks to a greater in-depth integration with all the major social platforms where Snam has a presence.

As regard publishing, the history of the company and its activities on digital channels has been enriched through even more frequent recourse to infographic, interactive and multimedia contents with the intention of reaching an increasingly wider and diverse public.

Snam is present on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, SlideShare, Facebook. With 93.6 points out of 100, its highest ever score, Snam is in first place in the Italian and European Webranking KWD classification, which has been ranking companies which communicate most efficiently online for the past 15 years.

In printed media, on the other hand, 541 articles featured Snam (with 446 dedicated to it), nationally and internationally, an increase of 73% compared with 2015 (312 of which 275 were dedicated to it).

The content and tone of these articles was judged positive or neutral in almost all cases (99.3%), while the proportion of positive articles rose from 151 in 2015 to 196. The main subjects dealt with were Corporate, Operations, Finance and Sustainability.


Breakdown press articles by topic (%) (Pie chart)
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