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Seasonal Paths

It is an information and multimedia support created by Snam in conjunction with Federparchi and three Italian parks (Nebrodi, Prealpi Giulie, Ticino), the main protagonists of the project. The initiative began with the intention of giving visitors to these parks the opportunity of enjoying the beauty and services of the area in a way that was easily accessible and for planning itineraries and discovering the economic, social and cultural fabric.

The digital platform is composed of a website that houses the history of the region of the park and a mobile app so that you can always have your itinerary with you, even when there is no signal.

Snam and the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia

The project was launched for the endowment of the Italian gas transportation network synoptic panel to the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci” Foundation of Milan (MUST).

As part of the renovation of the Snam Rete Gas dispatching centre, this important technology was replaced with equipment that is even more cutting edge. For more than 30 years, via remote control, the panel managed the gas flows of the Italian grid and its injection point from the main European and North African gas pipelines.

The ultimate aim of the donation is the creation of value for both the company and the museum. Snam will have the possibility of seeing its role as the major player in the country’s gas system recognised in Milan, centre of the Po Valley, a major hub of the company’s activities and history, precisely when it reaches its 75th anniversary. The museum, which is the largest and most visited technical-scientific museum in Italy, will add an important piece to its exhibitions, also providing new economic value to its offerings aimed at an ever growing public.

The synoptic panel can be seen both as a subject of study for its value as a technical instrument, and as an iconic object to gain more knowledge about the importance of gas in the national energy system and its role as a reliable and sustainable resource. Not only will the historical aspects be stressed, but it will also be possible to dwell on the positive returns of natural gas and its uses in achieving the goals of reducing climate change and global warming on account of it being a clean and efficient resource.

The Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia will own the item outright and it will be placed in the section of the museum dedicated to energy systems with a dedicated installation, which will be realised in 2018.

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