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Water management

Water procurement and disposal for Snam’s operations are not very significant in environmental terms, both with regard to the quantities used and the type of disposal.

At the sites not served by sewage networks, over the years Snam has installed 18 closed-cycle sewage treatment facilities in which the waste water is treated and fully absorbed by the planted vegetation.

In 2016, around 4.18 million cubic metres of water were withdrawn (4 million of sea water and 0.18 million of freshwater). The collection of sea water is constant over time because it is used for cooling the auxiliary systems in the liquefied natural gas regasification plant. The collection of freshwater, mainly used in the offices, fire-fighting systems and for irrigating green areas, on the other hand, fell by 2.8% compared with 2015.

As far as water disposal is concerned, the sea water is returned to the sea untreated, while the waste water is sent to the sewage systems (64% of the total) or discharged, prior to being treated, into the soil and surface water courses (36% of the total).

Upstream storage activities produced around 5,185 cubic metres of process water (-6.7% compared with 2015). Approximately 1,934 cubic metres of this water was reinjected while the rest (approximately 3,251 cubic metres) was sent for treatment to a purification plant.


Fresh water procurement (103 m3) (Bar chart)


Fresh water discharges (103 m3) (Bar chart)
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