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Customer satisfaction

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Snam constantly measures the quality perceived by customers through customer satisfaction surveys conducted with transportation and storage customers. The survey is conducted on the web, thereby avoiding having to manage paper documents.

The results for 2016 confirm a positive general trend in both business segments.


Customer satisfaction with transportation


  • It evaluates the quality of services offered for the transportation and balancing sectors and the new commercial features introduced in the year also with regard to the results of previous surveys
  • It identifies further possible developments of the commercial services offered

The numbers of the 2016 survey

  • All the shippers and traders who Snam worked together with in the thermal year 2015/2016 were involved
  • 135 operators responded to the questionnaire, a participation rate of 87%
  • 80% of respondents expressed great satisfaction with the stakeholder engagement activities promoted by the company to improve the quality of services offered and consolidate collaboration


Customer satisfaction with storage


  • It evaluates the clarity of the code, the availability and efficiency of information services and commercial management
  • It also collects suggestions from end users to improve the areas mapped in the questionnaire defining any measures to be taken

The numbers of the 2016 survey

  • 73 customers who moved gas in the thermal year 2015/16 were involved
  • 57 responses were received, equal to 78% (68% in 2015). The evaluations expressed highlight a substantial improvement in the service offered

Meetings with customers continued, especially with those that purchases storage capacity for the first time in 2016. Among these, traders who joined more traditional shippers increased and the major Italian bank featured importantly.


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