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Natural gas storage consists of injecting gas into the porous rocks of an exhausted deposit where it was once contained, restoring the deposit, to a certain extent, to its original state. Once the gas is stored it can be reinjected into the transportation system and delivered according to market requests. Within the gas system, storage makes it possible to compensate for the differences between gas supply and demand and therefore guarantee continuity of supply.


The natural gas transportation operations take charge of the delivery points, connected to the import lines (Russia, Northern Europe and North Africa), with the regasification plants and production and storage centres located in Italy.

The gas is then transported for delivery, depending on customer instructions, to the redelivery points connected to the local distribution networks and large industrial and thermoelectric users.


Regasification is the last activity in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) chain and consists of restoring the gas extracted from fields to its original state then liquefying it at -160°C to enable it to be transported on dedicated ships. Within the gas system the LNG chain therefore makes it possible to diversify procurement sources.


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