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The involvement of stakeholders

Snam engages in proactive communication and seeks constant dialogue with its target audience. Over time it has developed and implemented a collection of specific instruments and channels to manage relations with various counterparties, an activity to which all company structures contribute, each within the scope of its remit, roles and responsibilities.

Among the issues at the centre of interactions with stakeholders in 2016 were the corporate changes that took place during the year, with special reference to the separation of Italgas which led Snam to have a new ownership structure and to concentrate growth strategies in Italy and abroad on the transportation, storage and LNG businesses.

the involvement of stakeholders is aimed at:

  • identifying the different categories of stakeholders with which the Company interacts following the development of strategies and corporate activities;
  • analysing and understanding the profile of stakeholders and the position of the Company with regard to them;
  • taking an in-depth look at the interests and issues that are important for each category of stakeholder, through the periodic updating of the materiality analysis;
  • periodically reporting and notifying stakeholders of the results regarding material issues of mutual interest through the reporting and communication tools developed by the Company.
The involvement of stakeholders (Graphic)


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