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The commitment to fighting corruption and illegality

Snam and Transparency International signed an agreement on anti-corruption and governance. This agreement aims at developing a partnership under the scope of the Global Corporate Supporters Forum promoted by Transparency International. Snam is the first Italian company to become one of the Forum’s international partners.

The agreement signed with Transparency International under the scope of the Global Corporate Supporters Forum is a significant step in the journey Snam has been undertaking for some time in preventing and opposing any form of corruption and illegality. Snam and Transparency International will actually launch an effective partnership for the management of anti-corruption programmes and policies for opposing fraud and irregularities, conflicts of interest and whistleblowing, among other measures directed at consolidating the highest possible anti-corruption standards.

This new initiative sits alongside Snam’s firm commitment set out in the Code of Ethics, and translated, over a period of time, into an internal regulatory system with more stringent rules and practices than the legally-required ones. This system includes the Anti-corruption Compliance Programme, a programme in line with internationally accepted best practices and principles (Adequate Procedures - Guidance to the UK Bribery Act 2010 and ISO 37001 Anti-bribery management system).

With regard to business ethics, legality and anti-corruption, in 2016 Snam also delivered more than 2,600 hours of training to around 1,600 people.

Ethical principles and business values

  • transparency, honesty, correctness good faith in full compliance with the rules to protect competition;
  • involvement of stakeholders, fostering dialogue on sustainability and corporate responsibility;
  • creation of competitive value for the company, stakeholders and the area in which it operates;
  • protection and promotion of human rights;
  • protection of individual liberty in all forms and renouncing any sort of discrimination, violence, corruption (in any form with regard to any public or private individual) and forced labour or child labour;
  • recognising and safeguarding the dignity, liberty and equality of human beings;
  • safeguarding jobs and the freedom of trade unions, health, safety, the environment and biodiversity.
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