Management of the activities

Company management refers to a consistent organisational and procedural system for all of Snam’s companies, in Italy and abroad, crafted in a way that the set of rules governing the business is clear, simple and organic.

Snam’s main policies are:

  • the Sustainable Development Policy;
  • the Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy;
  • Enterprise Risk Management-Guide Lines
  • the Stakeholder Engagement Policy;
  • the Human Rights Policy;
  • the Philanthropic and Social-Initiative Activity Management Policy.

Furthermore, Snam adheres to the UN Global Compact, the most important international sustainable development initiative, which aims to promote and disseminate ten global ethical principles concerning human rights, environmental protection, workers’ rights and anti-corruption.

In order to successfully implement this system, managerial actions must be based on allocating specific objectives to each position of responsibility and on the transparent assessment of results, thus enabling continuous improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of the corporate processes.

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