The Stakeholder relationships

Snam implements a proactive communication and seeks constant dialogue with its public of reference. Over time, it developed and organised a set of specific tools and channels to manage the relationship with various counterparts, activities in which all corporate structures participate, each within the scope of its prerogatives, roles and responsibilities.

During 2017, within the scope of the materiality analysis, Snam updated its stakeholder mapping, taking into account the degree of influence and mutual dependency between the company and its stakeholders.

The issues at the centre of the interaction with stakeholders in 2017 referred in particular to the main changes that took place during the year, especially to the expansion towards the new businesses, new uses of natural gas and international expansion.

Stakeholders (Graphic)

The purpose of the stakeholder engagement is to:

  • identify the various categories of stakeholders with which the company interacts following the evolution of strategies and business activities;
  • analyse and understand stakeholders’ profiles and the company’s position with respect thereto;
  • examine in greater depth the interests and topics material to each stakeholder category, through the periodic updating of the materiality analysis;
  • periodically report and communicate management results to stakeholders in relation to the material topics of mutual interest through the reporting and communication tools developed by the company.
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“Partners Day”

For its 75th anniversary, Snam, within the scope of “Partners’ Day”, held on 9 November 2017 at the “Leonardo da Vinci” Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, brought partners and stakeholders together in an in-depth dialogue on future scenarios in the world of energy.

After a plenary session where issues such as the importance of infrastructures, dialogue with the territories and the new uses of gas were addressed, an in-depth session was held – where nearly 500 people were divided up into work groups and to discuss some key issues such as:

  • Which business for growth
  • Cyber security: a new challenge for businesses
  • Safety and environment in contracting activities (with the awarding of the 2017 Contractor Safety Prize)
  • The Gas infrastructures of the Snam’s foreign subsidiaries: a positive presence for territories and businesses
  • Which are the challenges for the Italian and foreign gas market. The market’s voice
  • Social responsibility in business strategy. The stakeholders’ role
  • Transparency as a value and ethical pact and as a tool for prevention and reputational protection
  • The development of non-regulated business in sustainable mobility
  • The value for the territory from the Snam’s management and development of the industrial assets
  • The evolution of the European Regulatory Framework: a discussion on risks and opportunities

During the day, the interactive exhibition “RE-Source. Natural gas in the future of energy” was inaugurated. The exhibition was built around a synopsis of the Italian transportation network for the remote control of the gas flows, which Snam then donated to the Museum. Visitors were able to follow, through photographs, videos and interactive tools, the story of Italy’s methanisation as the driving force for the Italian economic miracle, the engineering challenges Snam faced building the infrastructures and gas’ role in the in the decarbonisation processes and in combating climate change.

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