Welfare and Business

Snam’s company welfare system is currently a mix of innovation and wellestablished practices. The innovations include the “Premio Welfare” [Welfare Bonus], and the Smart Working project designed to best meet the needs for balancing life and work.

In our time, social innovation encounters problems that are not completely new, but amplified by the effects of globalization and by the crisis of the welfare systems, having difficulty coping especially with poverty and exclusion that affect large brackets of the population. For many countries in the western world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee services such as health, education, infrastructure, and assistance at acceptable costs and with the financial coverage assured by tax revenues.

And if, faced with an increase in the complexity and significance of the needs, with the resources allocated to social expenses which are not sufficient, the welfare system has to reinvent itself, finding innovative solutions to maintain an adequate level of social security. The subsidiary role of the non-profit sector in providing goods and services previously guaranteed by the public sector has grown over the years. But also due to the economic crisis and the size and organizational limits of non-profit organizations and institutions, the answer is not complete.

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The innovation behind Snam’s company welfare system

Corporate welfare is the set of operations – both monetary and in the form of services – which increases the level of social protection and the purchasing power of employees and which can indirectly generate a positive impact on the corporate climate.

Creating a mutually-accepted, functional, and effective corporate welfare system can be an example of social innovation within a company. In order for a corporate welfare system to be effective, it must be built around people, and Snam’s system was at the time created precisely with the goal of meeting the emerging needs and necessities of the various brackets of the company population.

Snam’s company welfare system is currently a mix of innovation and well-established practices. Besides services for health and wellness, school aid and vocational guidance for the children of employees, the support for parenting, home-work mobility and the granting of micro-loans, it offers a package of new proposals, originating subsequent to agreements with the Trade-Union Organisations. These include the “Premio Welfare” [Welfare Bonus], and the Smart Working project designed to best meet the needs for balancing life and work

With the Welfare Bonus it will be possible for the employees, as an alternative to the total payment of the individual amount of the Participation Bonus, to voluntarily choose whether to convert a percentage of the Bonus into a welfare credit which they can use to purchase services for themselves or for their family members.

The Snam Company welfare system


2017 Activity


Nursery school

Reimbursement for employees who use it


Subsidies to purchase school textbooks
Scholarships and loans for educational expenses

Summer and study periods stays

Stays for children of employees in certain locations of Italy

S.O.S. family

Professionally managed family counselling service

Maternity, adoptions and foster care

Parenting guide

Health and Wellness


Insurance coverage for non-occupational accidents

Supplementary healthcare

Insurance coverage that guarantees the reimbursement of part of the expenses incurred for medical and hospital services both at public and private healthcare facilities

Cancer prevention

Prevention protocols

Sports centres

Discounts and favourable conditions for employees


High-quality company restaurant and takeaway service for private use

Workplace Health Programme

Membership in the health programme launched by the Region of Lombardy

Specialised medical services and check-ups

Arrangement with Monzino Cardiology Centre for visits intended for employees and their family members

Tempo per Te
[Time for you]


Flexible working hours
Smart Working

Savings and relations

Supplementary pension schemes

Supplementary pension funds, also funded by employer voluntary contributions


Low-interest loans


Tax and legal assistance


Subsidized purchase of public transportation passes; shuttle service to San Donate Milanese offices


Insurance policies, bank credit cards, car hire, purchase of name-brand products, holiday bookings

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