Waste management

Most of the waste generated by Snam derives from plant maintenance and operational activities which amounts to approximately 54,413 tonnes (+3.6% compared to 2016) representing approximately 87% of the total waste produced in 2017. The remaining 13% was produced by well drilling activities.

Non-hazardous waste covers the 93% of the total waste produced. In particular, the yearly waste production was characterised by an extraordinary pipe decommissioning job (Sergnano-Tarvisio DN 850 pipeline and variation), which resulted in the production and recovery of about 24,980 tonnes of ferrous material (approximately the 46% of total waste produced). In 2017 the recovered waste from the production activities increased by three percental points from 77% in 2016 to 80%.

Total waste production (t)

Total waste production (t) (Bar chart)

Waste from production activities (t)

Waste from production activities (t) (Bar chart)

Waste recovered from production activities (%)

Waste recovered from production activities (%) (Line chart)
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