A web identity recognised on national level

Snam’s communication strategy is based on quality contents and on the active involvement of users. Thanks to its presence on the main social media applications (Twitter, YouTube Linkedin, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, Slideshare, Facebook), Snam received important awards also in 2017:

1st place in Webranking Italia, with the highest score ever recorded

1st place in Lundquist’s CSR on-line awards

2nd place in the sector classification of the NC awards

Also in 2017, Snam continued the work to improve its web identity, making progress in the field of digital communication. In addition to careful planning the editorial plan, several special projects played out as the year went by; for example, the launch of a section dedicated to natural gas, to support its role in the business strategy for a decarbonisation of the energy mix.

In 2018, in line with the new corporate identity, the new internet site will also be presented.

An increase in the number of articles was observed on the major media sources, especially associated with pillars such as sustainable mobility and energy decarbonisation through the use of new sources (biomethane, for example), and regarding Snam’s role in the national system, together with its push towards innovation.

Also in 2017, the press office activities sought to highlight the company’s positions and its openness to dialogue in the territories (such as Abruzzo and Apulia) characterised by a shift in opinions against certain infrastructure projects.

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