Indirect CO2eq Emissions (Scope2)

The Indirect CO2eq emissions are due to the procurement of electricity and heat produced by third parties and used by Snam for its activities.

Snam calculates indirect CO2eq emissions in accordance with best practices that calls for the calculation through two different approaches: the Market Based (MB) approach, which gives a null CO2eq emission factor for the energy consumption from renewable sources, and the Location Based (LB) approach, which instead considers an average CO2eq emission factor of the national electricity grid.

Snam4Mobility, with a view to limiting Scope 2 emissions, only planned on using electricity produced from renewable sources in the CNG plants envisaged in the development plan.

With the MB approach, emissions amounted to 28,758 tonnes (+2.0% compared to 2016), while the same emissions evaluated with the LB approach amount to 31,738 tonnes (+9.2% compared to 2016). In particular, the MB approach highlights the contribution to the reduction of emissions from the use of energy produced from renewable sources. In 2017, Snam increased the consumption of electricity produced from renewable sources, which passed from 28% in 2016 to 35% in 2017, thus avoiding emissions into the atmosphere of approx. 11,040 tonnes of CO2eq (7,860 tonnes of CO2eq with respect to those of 2016). The emissions avoided correspond to approximately 35% of total indirect Scope 2 emissions.

Indirect GHG emissions – scope 2 (ktCO2eq )

Indirect GHG emissions – Scope 2 (ktCO2eq) (Bar chart)
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